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Online Stories




Social Studies


Digital Storytelling

  • VoiceThread- Digital Storytelling tool for group conversation around media
  • Class Tools Virtual Storybook - Just add text
  • Bit Strips for Schools - Create awesome comics and characters, embeddable
  • Pikistrips- Create your own comic strip. Choose layout, upload photots and add speech.
  • Big Huge Labs - Easy resources for teachers and students to use, no account needed. Students can make trading cards, magazine covers and more. You cannot save projects. You must download finished projects to your computer
  • Museum Box - Provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box. You can add text, images, video and sound to the side of the cubes.
  • Kerpoof -

Copyright and Fair Use

Web 2.0 Tools

Graphic Organizers

  • BubbleUs - Free online graphic organizing tool. Kids can create accouts without email addresses
  • Webspiration- Online visual thinking tool. Like Inspiration
  • Wall Wisher - Virtual sticky note page. No login needed for kids