week 1
Phonemic Awareness

Comprehension* Brainpop - Character
Using verbs
* Grammar Ninja - Find nouns, verb, adjectives, etc. in sentences
week 2
Phonemic Awareness Short i practice


Plot Review* Brainpop Jr. Plot>

Subjects in sentencesFind the Subject - printable sheet for extra practice in finding the subject
* What is a Sentence - BBC Skillwise - Making simple sentences* Subject Verb Agreement - BBC skillwise - sentence basics
week 3
Phonemic Awareness Short o practice
* Mox's Shop - starfall storyPlural -s

Consonant s /z/Rhyming words (refer to week 1)*
http://www.getreadytoread.org/games/game2/index.html inky and gus teach us rhyming words
Final x
ComprehensionReview character and setting
ConventionsPredicates of sentencesIntroduce short poem*
Brainpopjr. - Poetry
Spelling city word list 1.3
week 4
Phonemic AwarenessEnding -s*
Plural Rules Game - Can choose from a variety of plural rules or just choose one skill

-ing endingCount syllables*
Count syllables game
Declarative sentences*
http://www.roythezebra.com/reading-games/full-stop-beginner-4.html adding periods to sentences
* Types of Sentences - Brainpopjr
Catch the Sentences - Brainpop gameWriting personal narrativesVoice
week 5
Phonemic Awareness Short e practice**

Main Idea and Details

Sensory details* Writing with Senses - Brainpop Jr. Fluency - phrasingConventions
Interrogative sentences* Types of Sentences - Brainpopjr
Realistic stories
week 6
Phonemic Awareness Short u practice
Final consonant blendsInitial consonant blends*
Cause and EffectFluency - phrasingConventions**
Exclamatory sentences