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General Resources

General Resources to Explore

Hershey Elementary Resources

The above sites require usernames and passwords that are given out by each classroom teacher. *
Online Stories

Supporting Dibels

ISF - Initial Sound Fluency

PSF - Phoneme Segmentation

NWF - Nonsense Word Fluency

ORF - Oral Reading Fluency


Short Vowels

  • The Blending Bowl- PBS Between the Lions - Players slam into each other to blend words
  • It's a Goal - Click on the vowel that completes the word - Spark Island

Long Vowels

Onset Rime/Word Families



Sight Words

Project Read

ABC Order


  • Spin and Spell - click on a picture then use the spinner to spell the word
  • Whomp- Spelling game
  • Tut Pup - Play spelling games - Compete against students around the world



  • Literacy Activity Builder - NGFL-Cmyru Excellent site for literacy skills
  • Syllables- Dividing words into syllables - Skillwise BBC - great interactive lesson with games and blacklines
  • Skillwise- Lessons, worksheets, quizzes and games to improve your skills
  • Homophones- Skillwise BBC activity - lesson, game and worksheet
  • What is a Sentence - Skillwise BBC activity - Lesson, game and a worksheet